Leadership Conference

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COLUMBIA - Thursday, high school students from around the state came to Columbia for a 3-day leadership conference. Juniors and seniors were selected to spend time to enhance their leadership skills with a Show Me State program. Aside from leadership skills the conference focuses on physical fitness, higher education and living a healthy lifestyle.

The conference is free for student who are selected.. Show Me State Games Marketing Coordinator Emily Lorenz says the program has been going on for over 20 years.

"This is a really unique program as far as our events go so were so grateful that Audrey Walton has given us this opportunity to bring these kids together to teach them leadership, community skills and hopefully give them a taste of the University of Missouri and what it has to offer for future opportunities," Emily Lorenz said.

Over the three day period the students will have a participate in indoor and outdoor actitives. They will have a torch run, scavenger run, fitness challenge, and career exploration sessions. Students will also hear from individuals from throughout the state.

"So  the Audrey Walton Youth Leadership program has been a part of the Show Me State Games for more than 20 years.  And it's really about bring kids from throughout the state together to learn leadership skills and really get to experience the University of Missouri as well."

One Participant Braden Hopkins says wants to pursue medicine and he hopes to make lifetime friends from the program.

"The best part of the camp so far I would have to say is touring the new Pre-Med facility," Hopkins said "It's really good to see where we are going with our edcation and the ways we're making improvements with what we already have."

Another participntReagan Miller said she has enjoyed meeting people who she probably wouldn't have met outside the conference.

"It's pretty cool so far, I like it. I've met alot of people and I've only been here for five hours," Miller said. "I think its really awesome that we can just come together. I'm the only one from my school and we're meeting people from everywhere.   I've met people from big schools and small schools and just to see the differences in such a small area."

Lauren Williams is from a small rural high school and she says college will be a big adjustment for her.

"It's definetely good to know coming into college because college is going to be a big change for me from going to my little bitty small schools."