Legal Parking Zones

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COLUMBIA -- The University of Missouri's Sustainability office designed a campaign to stop students from parking their bikes in areas other than the designated parking spots. 

5000 spaces are set aside on the MU campus to prevent bikes from being locked up light poles and trees. 

The Sustainability office began giving warning to bicycle riders with a number of signs around campus and hanging warning hang tags on bikes that are parked illegally. 

Starting October 10th, bikes that are parked illegally will be impounded. 

Some of the students say that they would prefer to park their bike at the rack, but they are generally full by the time they need to park. 

Coordinator of the Sustainability office, Steve Burdic says in a perfect world, there would be more parking for bikes in the more populated area, but until then people should try and find a spot in the legal zone. 

Burdic recommends that people register their bikes through the MUPD in case your bike is impounded. 

You can register your bike at