Legal Teams Play Waiting Game for the Decusuion Hobby Lobby Case

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COLUMBIA - Legal teams including MU Law Professor Josh Hawley are awaiting the U.S. Supreme Courts Decision regarding the Hobby Lobby case.

U.S. Government Solicitor Donald Verrilli Jr. and Hawley's legal team presented arguments to the high court Tuesday.

The justices heard 90 minutes worth of arguments Tuesday Morning and now are in an opinion drafting period.

According to Hawley, questions in the courtroom revolved around two points: whether for profit businesses like Hobby Lobby can claim the protection of the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act and whether the government has other ways of subsidizing the four contraceptives that are an issue in this case.

Hawley said the justices were very concerned about the idea that the Green family, the owners of Hobby Lobby, can enforce their personal beliefs by requiring all those affiliated with the company to follow policy based on their religious beliefs.

Legal teams will now wait for the court's decision.

"We are up near the end of the courts term right now, their argument term so they will have to work very hard," said Hawley. "They have a lot of other cases to hear but and a lot of decisions to hand down so I expect a decision in June."

The court's decision could impact business owners in Columbia.

"It will effect every business person in Columbia and everyone person that wants to run her business according to her religious and moral convictions i mean this is a case of broad, broad import," Hawley said.