Legislators to Tackle Teen Tanning

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JEFFERSON CITY - Two different House bills are up for discussion today that would add Missouri to the list of thirty-two states that currently have restrictions on tanning for minors. 

The first bill would require anyone under 18 to bring a parent or guardian with them to sign a written statement before the teen would be allowed to use a tanning bed.

The second bill would ban anyone under the age of 15 from using indoor tanning beds altogether.

Both laws would carry a $1,000 fine for any salon in violation, as well as make it a class C misdemeanor for any teen caught breaking the rules.

The bills will be discussed at a public hearing at noon Wednesday in front of the House Health Policy Committee.

The World Health Organization counts tanning beds among the highest cancer risks, ranking them in the same category as cigarettes and arsenic.

In 2010, legislators tried to ban anyone under 16 from using tanning beds as part of a larger public health bill. The bill did not pass.