Letter Asserts Wrongdoing in Southern Boone School District

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ASHLAND - A resignation letter that accuses Southern Boone school officials of nepotism, wasteful spending, unfair pay increases and favoritism began circulating online Monday. Former Southern Boone School District Board of Education member Carolyn Deffenbaugh wrote the scathing accusations as she resigned from a 4 year career at the district.

In the resignation letter, Deffenbaugh accused Southern Boone School District Superintedent Charlotte Miller specifically of wasteful staffing and showing favoritism toward Southern Boone Middle School Principal Bob Simpson.

"...The taxpayers paid for Charlotte's and Bob's efforts to groom Bob for his aspiration to be Southern Boone's next superintendent," Deffenbaugh wrote. "The cost of that grooming is nearly $32,000..."

The Southern Boone County R-I Board of Education met Monday night for business as usual, but didn't conclude the meeting until after one concerned attendee encouraged the board members to publicly address the allegations.

"The letter was addressed to the board of education," said former board member Biff Barner. "The board is... accountable to the public for answering the concerns... If there is truth, let it see the light of day and fix it."

Board members neither admitted to or denied the accusations. Board member Joe Miller assured Barner that the board will investigate and review the claims.