Levee breach causes flooding in Edina

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EDINA - Employees in Edina were evacuated Thursday after flood waters rushed into the area due to a breached levee.

Knox County Emergency Management Director Keith Gudehus said several employees were evacuated from the businesses on Highway 15. Four of the businesses are in the Hunter building.

"In about ten minutes, the water went from not really touching anything to flooding out about seven businesses," Gudehus said. "The water went over Highway 15, which I've never seen before."

Gudehus was surprised at how fast the water came up, which makes him believe a levee did break.

"It came up incredibly fast," Gudehus said. "You could literally see the water rising as it poured in."

Electrician Clinton Martin came into town around 9 a.m. He says the water was just coming over the road at that time, but, it was a different story about 90 minutes later.

"I was working at a customers place," Martin said. "Now I really don't know I've been away from here since 9. I went through north and now I can't get back. I don't know what I'm doing for the rest of the day."

Water was also over Highway 15 on the north side of Edina. Highway 15 was closed to traffic on the north and south side of Edina. Highway 6 east is the only way people can get in and out of town. Gudehus said at 3:45 p.m. that Highway 6, east out of Edina, could be closed due to high water.

Gudehus says it's normal to see the South Fabius River flood, but all this rain has caused water to build up somewhere up river.

Gudehus says there were a lot of people stuck in town, because they couldn't drive west, north or south. He says it's going to be a long process when it comes to getting roads cleared.