Levee break caused by erosion in temporary repair site

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Turkey Creek Levee broke after floodwaters eroded away a temporary repair, public works officials confirmed Friday.

Jefferson City Public Works was already on site before the levee broke Thursday afternoon. They were then able to bring in 30 dump truck loads of rock and multiple loads of asphalt fillings to stop that water from creating any further damage. 

"For every rock you see, there are three rocks under the water," said Britt Smith, Director of Operations for Jefferson City Public works.

Smith said the water started out as a trickle but within 15 minutes turned into a 35-40 foot gap leading to the flooded levee. 

Over this past weekend Smith said they put in a "temporary repair at best" to stop the water from taking over the levee. But when the water rose again on Thursday it broke that repair. 

"What we've done now, I still wouldn't call it a repair, its not a permanent situation, you generally don't build levees' out of shot rock," said Smith. "But it is something that is holding."

Smith said the rock should be able to hold the water as long as the water levels begin to decrease at some point.

"Were pretty much at the top of our levees' right now, so if it continues to rise we could still see an overtopping," said Smith.

There is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of Mid-Missouri on Friday. But KOMU 8 weathercaster Jehnna Azzara said any rain that falls should not affect the flood waters. 

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