Library holds gardening and horticulture showcases

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COLUMBIA - From mid-Missouri arrangements all the way to Japanese Bonsai, two floral clubs showcased displays at the Columbia Public Library over the weekend.

Columbia Garden Club hosted a Flower Show on Saturday, and participants submitted nearly 86 floral pieces for judging. 

“It is a creative outlet,” Karolyn Oates, Columbia Garden Club President, said. “Why do people sew? Why do people quilt? It stretches us to figure out how to make a design.”

Each arrangement competed in the horticultural, design or education category. There were less entries this year in the horticultural category because droughts and Japanese beetle swarms killed many show-worthy flowers.

There were 35 winning blue ribbon submissions across all categories. 

Although the floral competition brought in many submissions, the purpose of the show was to educate the public on seasonal plants and encourage the art of gardening. 

“I want them to find a plant that they would like to grow and say 'I’m going to get one of those',” Oates said. “We want to encourage gardening.”

Everyone was welcome to compete in the contest and tour the showroom filled with arrangements. The theme of the event was “goodbye summer.”

Columbia Garden Club has hosted flower shows at the library for as long as members can remember. It is a good way for the club to have an accessible, large room, and the show helps the library bring in new people.

In another event at the library, the Bonsai Society held a show on Sunday.

At the show, people learned how to create their own Bonsai and saw examples of the ancient Japanese art.