Library's new eBook service expands options

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COLUMBIA - With the addition of a new eBook service offered at Daniel Boone Regional Library, library officials do not anticipate eBooks to overtake the traditional use of the library.

DBRL has used "Hoopla" since last year as a service for people to stream audiobooks, music, movies and TV shows. Hoopla just added eBooks and comic books to its lineup of services last week.

Public Services Librarian Kirk Henley said the library has seen an increase in people checking out eBooks but doesn't think it will affect the use of the library.

"We're still checking out over a million books a year I think," he said. "So unless something really drastic changes, the library as a building will be around for a while."

Julie Wisch said she goes to the library every couple of weeks to check out books. She said even though a lot of people have started switching to eReaders, she doesn't think she ever fully will.

"I could see myself at some point partially switching, but I don't think I would ever fully switch over from real books," she said. "I just like the way they feel. I don't really like reading off a screen."

Henley said the library's online services are helpful for people who can't make it into the library.

"Our main mission is to get materials to people," he said. "The not so important, especially when you have people who live out in the country who can't readily get to a branch."

Janet Wheeler splits her time between Wisconsin and Columbia. She said the availability of the online service is the reason she uses it.

"I travel all over, and as long as I have a WIFI connection, I can download books anywhere," she said.

A unique feature with Hoopla is that more than one person can access the content online at any time.

Henley said audiobooks and movies are the most popular service people currently use on Hoopla.

You can access Hoopla through a computer or laptop online, or through an app on your mobile device.