License plate scanners coming to MU this fall

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri's Parking and Transportation Services will ditch their sticker permits in favor of license plate scanners as part of a "going green effort."

The scanners, coming this fall, will read license plates to identify whether or not a car is parked legally or not.

Parking and Transportation will email ticket notices to car owners, which can be paid online. If an illegal parker does not have their car registered with the university, their ticket will be mailed to their home. 

For University Hospital employee Tariq Enezate, he believes the scanners will be an improvement from the stickers.

"I personally had a bad experience with the stickers. I got tickets more than once because the sticker was not clear to the person who checks some of the stickers so I got tickets more than twice this year. So I believe it should be a good idea," Enezate said.

MU student Corey Gholson said the new system won't decrease the amount of illegal parkers.

"People worried about their spots getting taken will get taken anyway. I don't think whatever method they choose will help," Gholson said. 

Enezate disagrees with Gholson when it comes to decreasing illegal parkers.

"I think it should be easier to track illegal parkers," Enezate said. 

Gholson says the success of the new system will come down to enforcement.

"I think if it keeps it more organized, that's fine. However, they need to enforce that because people get around that kind of stuff all the time," Gholson said.