Lighthouse Theater Begins Reconstruction Process

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COLUMBIA - Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theater in Callaway County suffered a large amount of destruction after the February 25 snow storm. The weight of the snow from the storms that went through Mid-Missouri is responsible for the roof of a 7,500-foot building to collapse.

The roof used to cover the auditorium in Kinder's auditorium. The auditorium used to house 500 chairs, but now 90 of those chairs are trapped under the remnants of the roof.

Owners Steve and Hazel Kinder have dedicated the past 8 years of their lives building the theater and bringing it to be what it is today. After presenting the floor plans to Hazel in 2004 for Christmas, Steve Kinder began the construction and the Theater had it's first performance in November 2005.  The auditorium is the middle building of three "pre-engineered" buildings.

Pre-engineered buildings mean that they have been engineered to code based on the location of the building and will be delivered in pieces to be constructed. The other two buildings, the lobby and the stage, were problem free after the storms. 

But the largest building now looks like a pile of steel. Hazel Kinder says the beams from the building "look just like spaghetti."

Here is a look at the auditorium from the sound booth before the snow and then after the roof collapsed.

Sound Booth Before

Sound Booth After

On Friday the owners and construction crews were working to prepare what used to be an inside wall to waterproof it for the expected weekend rain. With the three buildings being all attached there is a large amount of damage done to inside walls that are now outside walls.

Construction crews and friends will try to make the usually indoor walls into outside walls in order to prevent further damage from the lobby and the stage. Equipment from in the theater is slowly being moved to the owners home in Paris and into dry areas that remain in the lobby.

Now the owners are not yet able to do anything with the collapsed building because their insurance company is currently holding an investigation into the pre-engineered building and why it wasn't able to hold the snow. Until the investigation is complete the owners will not be able to begin construction on the audtiorium.

For more information on the condition of the theater check out this link here.