Lincoln Univeristy students react to campus lock down

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JEFFERSON CITY — Lincoln University went into a two hour lockdown early Tuesday morning, the second time in less than a week. A press release from the university said one student was injured and hospitalized.

When Lincoln University student Jasmyne Thomas received an email about the lockdown, she said, her mind went "blank" and she was worried about the safety of the campus.

"It makes me not even want to go out anymore because you have to worry about whether you're going home the next day," Thomas said. 

According to the university's press release, the lockdown went into effect after shots were fired between Anthony Hall and Scruggs University Center. 

Several students said the shots were fired during the same time a Halloween party was taking place in Scruggs University Center, a building in the heart of campus. 

Student Nakita Herring said she was not surprised when she received the email about the lockdown.

"This is something that regularly happens on campus," Herring said. "I can't even be scared anymore because it's something that always happens."

The press release said the shooter was not a student of the university. 

Herring said she thinks there should be more security on campus, especially at night, to avoid situations like this.

Another student, Monique Kirkwood, said she feels completely safe with the security.

"I think our campus safety and campus security does a pretty good job. It's more so the people and what they choose to do that effects our campus," Kirkwood said.

She said the campus did a very good job of alerting students of the events, especially considering the hour that it happened.

All classes and business hours were on the regular schedule later Tuesday.