Lincoln University celebrates anniversary of Second Morrill Act

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JEFFERSON CITY - Students traveled from St. Louis to take part in the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the signing of the Second Morrill Act. 

The First Morrill Act in 1862 allowed the federal government to give federal land to state governments. The state governments then sold this land to make money to fund public institutions. 

The Second Morrill Act in 1890 corrected the discriminatory practices by southern and border states that denied African Americans admission to these public land-grant universities.

Lincoln University is the nation's oldest 1890 land-grant institution and the only one in Missouri.

Media Center Coordinator for Lincoln University Pamela Donner said this act helped open up educational opportunities to people who might not have had them before.

"What that act did for us was, it created land-grant universities for the underserved community that were somewhat neglected early on with the 1862 land-grant universities."

The 1890 Wellness Walk and Festival hosted Thursday at Lincoln University celebrated the Second Act. Registration for the walk was $18.90, and the walk was 1.89 miles long. Donations and registration fees will fund the Justin Morrill Scholarship for students at Lincoln University.

Around 300 community members, students, and faculty came to show their support for the cause.