Lincoln University copes with three deaths in three weeks

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University students, faculty and staff came together for a prayer vigil to mourn three deaths in the campus community.

Misty Young, communications director for the university, said the first weeks of school have been filled with happiness but also tragedy.

"There has been a lot of excitement on campus but we've had these very real losses," she said.

On Sunday, student Ariel Perkins died in a Kingdom City car crash.

In addition, a beloved cafeteria worker known as 'Mrs. Cookie' passed away Monday.

Young said Mrs. Cookie, a cashier, was a Lincoln University institution.

"She was a wonderful person," Young said. "She was actually here when I went to school at Lincoln University many many years ago."

Both deaths come on the heels of the murder of junior Charon Sessions just over two weeks ago.

To remember the tragedies and start the healing process, students, faith leaders and faculty gathered on the Quad for a prayer vigil.

Lincoln student Joshua Nelson said the deaths caused an impact on the campus community.

"Many of these students were friends, were maybe even just relatives of these deaths," he said.

But he also said the tragedies have brought the Lincoln community closer than ever before.
"We all have the same purpose, the same goal," Nelson said. "To spread love and that sense of unity towards one another."