Lincoln University enrollment drops for sixth time in seven years

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University's enrollment is down again for the sixth time in the past seven years.

The university's previous census showed 2,619 students for Fall 2017. This year the census showed 2,478 students enrolled for Fall 2018. Roughly a 5 percent drop between the 2017 and 2018 fall semesters. 

In 2014, the Fall semester had 3,117 students and in 2015 it dropped to 2,944. 

"In order to improve, faculty needs to start considering students opinion," said sophomore Tatyana Morris. 

"Lincoln needs to reevaluate its recruitment efforts in order to change this ongoing trend," said Devin Coleman. Coleman is considering leaving Lincoln after he completes his sophomore year. 

Junior Christopher McFadden Jr., said there was a great music program when he first attended Lincoln but because of low retention rates, it had to be cut. McFadden has been a member of the marching band for four years now and hasn't seen any new equipment or uniforms.

"With the low enrollment, it all goes back to the funding of the university," said McFadden. 

McFadden suggested that the recruiting process be extended and for the university to provide more advertisement on their programs. 

KOMU reached out to University Relations for an official university response, but did not receive an answer as to why enrollment is down again.