Lincoln University President 4.6

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JEFFERSON CITY - A buzz of excitement filled the ballroom in Scruggs Hall at Lincoln University Friday. The university’s newly named president, Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk, addressed those in attendance with some her goals and aspirations moving forward. 

“Lincoln is going to be just fine. Because Lincoln has you. And now Lincoln has me,” said Woolfolk. 

She is Lincoln’s 20th president and only the third woman president. 

Collegiate NAACP President Marco Combs said his attendance at the conference was about more than just hearing from the new president. 

“So I came out today because students need to know they are not only receiving a president,” Combs said. “They're also receiving a family member.”  

Woolfolk also answered a few questions from audience members. Combs was impressed by Woolfolk and her answers. 

“She came and she spoke with clarity. She knew how to answer questions precisely,” Combs said. “It seems like she’s not only here for the position, but she’s here for the students.” 

Woolfolk focused on unity and facing challenges together.  

“We are going to put self aside, and everything we do we’re going to do it united as one. One person can’t do this job. It’s going to take all of us,” Woolfolk said. 

Woolfolk answered one of her last questions telling those in attendance they are getting the best of her. She has been working in higher education for about 30 years and said she feels she knows how to best take on challenges that might come her way.

“We may have challenges, but they’re not insurmountable,” Woolfolk said. “Long live Lincoln University.”

Woolfolk was unanimously chosen as president in mid-March and will begin officially serving as president June 1.