Lincoln University to hold in-person classes this fall

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JEFFERSON CITY - Students will be back in classrooms this fall after Lincoln University announced earlier this week that they will be offering in-person classes.

Some students are eager to come back, but one Lincoln University student, Jhané Brown, still has her concerns.

“I am kind of worried about what type of precautions they’re going to take for our safety and how they’re going to go about the fall classes," she said. "I know that it’s probably not going to go back to normal how it used to be.”

Lincoln University Director of Communications and Marketing, Misty Young, said the university will not be back to business as usual in the fall time.

“Things will not look the same as they did even in January when we started our spring semester because of course things are completely different in our nation now," Young said.

Lincoln University is still meeting with the Cole County Health Department as well as looking at guidelines posted by the CDC.

"Details on safety measures for classroom, residential, dining and other shared spaces will be released in the coming weeks," Young said.

Although the university believes they will be able to bring students back in the fall, they do have a back-up plan if things get worse.

"If we should have an increase before we start school, or even if something should happen during the semester, we have plans in place that we will be able to resort back to remote learning again if need be," Young said.

“I’m not really sure what to expect,” Lincoln University student Zach Roark said.

Roark is in Lincoln University's nursing program and says the hands-on experience he gets in-person is a lot more realistic when it comes to saving someone's life. 

If the university is forced to go back to remote learning, he says his clinical practice will have to switch back to online as well.

“The clinicals we did online were educational, but with nursing, it’s definitely hands-on," he said. "Pushing a button on a mouse to start CPR is not nearly the same as going in and actually doing it.”

Brown, who will be a junior in the fall and is studying social work, feels the same way.

"You can't learn how to empathize with people over a computer," she said. "That hands-on connection with your professor, other students, doing internships…that is definitely needed for my major personally, and that’s another reason why I really feel like we should be on campus."