Lincoln University withdraws application to rename historic street

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lafayette Street will keep its name after Lincoln University officials withdrew an application Wednesday to change a portion of the street to Lincoln Avenue.

The Planning and Zoning Commission was supposed to meet Thursday to review the proposal, but it has been cancelled.

Janice McMillam, director of planning and protection services, said one of the reasons was the high number of opposition the application received. 

Many residents expressed their feelings at a meeting Tuesday at Second Christian Church on Dunklin Street, right across from Lincoln University. The residents in the area fought to keep the name that has been there for over decades and holds a powerful meaning to them.

Pastor James Howard, who was a part of that meeting, said there was tension in the air because people did not believe this option was fair to those who have lived in the community for years.

"Back in the day when the renewal came and all the promises came that was part of the renewal and that did not pan out," Howard said. "Now you want to take the name that has rich history."

Howard also said this street name change would add a lot of trouble when changing home addresses, credit cards, student loans and other items that demand costs to change.  

The next meeting for the Planning and Zoning Commission will take place December 15.

Second Christian Church in Jefferson City, Missouri, hosted a meeting Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014. to discuss a proposal to change the name of a local street. Residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the proposal to change name of Lafayette Street to University Avenue. (KOMU/Allison Ladd)

Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, lies steps away from Lafayette Street. Some residents have voiced their opinions Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, saying the name change would be shameful to the street name's historical background. (KOMU/Allison Ladd)