Linn State Hosts Leadership and Skills Conference

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LINN- For eight years running, Linn State Technical College has hosted the annual  Missouri SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference. Now, in the event's 46th year, it's back at Linn State for a ninth time.

Charlene Piel, Career Education Coordinator for Region I, emphasized the event' signifigance both in terms of importance and the impact on its participants. "SkillsUSA is probably the premiere showcase of skill and technical education we have in this state. The students are prepared not only in their skill area but in the leadership area, in technical information. And they are building on those and looking towards the future in career and technical education fields," Piel said.

Working with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the school will be accepting students from more than 70 Missouri high schools and six community colleges. According to Linn State's president, Donald Claycomb, 3,000 students are expected to take part in at least 160 leadership, skill and written contests. This is in preparation for the National Leadership and Skills Conference that takes place later in the year.

Claycomb expressed his views about the event and its advantages for those involved. "It's just very exciting as far as students are concerned. Uh, the nervous jitters, those kinds of things. And when we get into things like this, this type of experience for a student is the type of thing that will help them prepare, no matter what they do later on in life," Claycomb said.

The winning students from Missouri SkillsUSA will represent their state at the 48th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City from June 23-27, 2012. Missouri SkillsUSA runs Thursday through Sunday.

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