Little Free Libraries Come to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A new nationwide trend called Little Free Libraries has recently popped up in Mid-Missouri.

If you take a walk down Woodrow Street in Columbia you could find yourself unlocking the secrets of the stock market, hunting for an assassin, or in the middle of a conspiracy theory all from Jason Youngquist's front yard.

"It's called 'The Hunt for Zero Point,'" Younquist said as he flipped through the pages of one of the books in the little free library standing in is front yard. "It's by Nick Cook, and it's inside the classified world of anti-gravity technology. It's about space aliens and area 51."

The Little Free Library looks like a small house and stores a few dozen books waiting for anyone who wants to borrow them.

"A hodge podge of different things, and I'll occassionally go through and swap out the different books for something else because I have a bunch just sitting on my shelf in my living room," Younquist said.

Neighbors have noticed the new addition.

"I thought is was sort or a fun little thing. I wasn't sure what I was looking at at first, and we came and sort of poked around. It gives some warmth to the neighborhood I think," said Joe Harper who lives down the street.

Some people have added their own books to the collection when they stop by to visit. Younquist hopes more Mid-Missourians will borrow the idea and build their own little free library.

For more information on how to create your own little free library, click here.