LIVE BLOG: April 2014 Mid-Missouri Elections

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MID-MISSOURI - KOMU 8 will run a live blog as results come in from across the area for the April 8 elections. Follow the blog all night as we keep you updated on issues and elections from your city and county. For all results, head over to our election page.

11:38 p.m.: That's all from us for tonight on the live blog. For a list of all local results from across mid-Missouri, please visit our election page. Ctrl+F will help you find specific results you may be looking for.

10:21 p.m.: Pettis County results are in, with a few close races:


  • Ron Wineinger (1,725 votes) and Jerry Greer (1,627 votes) narrowly edge out Kim Salmon for the Junior College District Trustees.
  • Stephen Galliher received more than twice the number of votes opponent Allen Hawkins did in the Sedalia mayoral race.


10:00 p.m.: Boone County results are in with 100% of precincts reporting. 13,767 votes were cast of the 101,697 registered voters in the county, a 13.54% voter turnout.


  • Helen Wade wins Columbia School Board race with 32% of the vote. Jonathan Sessions came in a close second with 29.5% of the vote. He and Paul Cushing, who garnered 21.7%, will head up the board with Wade. Joseph Toepke received 16.6%.
  • Voters approved a $50 million bond issue for Columbia Public Schools with 63.5% in support of the issue.
  • Ginny Chadwick easily won the First Ward seat in the Columbia City Council. She received 68% of the vote. Tyree Byndom finished a distant second with 21.4% of the vote.
  • Voters overwhelmingly approved a $14 million bond issue to pay for new equipment for the Boone County Fire Protection District. The issue garnered 72% of the vote in support.
  • A close vote for Southern Boone R-1 School Board: George Carney (18.3%), Kevin Schupp (16.1%) and Price Nichols (13.9%) win seats.
  • Another close vote in Hallsville R-4 School Board vote: Shanda Nichols wins with 29.1%, while Jon Bequette (28.3%) and Steve Koirtyohann (21.9%) win the other seats.
  • Fred Klippel won the only contested Ashland Alderman seat, defeating Jesse Bronson with a vote total of 60-31.


9:51 p.m.: Chariton County results are in. There are a few close races in local school board and mayoral elections, and some tight votes on tax levies.


  • Joe Moser narrowly wins Brunswick mayoral race with 51%.
  • Jennifer White (28.6%), Kirk Gunn (27.3%) and Karen Miller (24%) elected to Brunswick R-II School Board.
  • The Salisbury local use tax passed with 55.7% in support of the measure.
  • Andrea Binder (23.3%), Deb Edwards (21.5%) and Tony Sloan (17.5%) elected to Salisbury R-IV School Board.


9:38 p.m.: Callaway County results are in, with 100% of precincts reporting. There were a slew of close elections for local school boards:


  • Todd Gray (24.5%), Ruth Burt (24%) and Kevin Habjan (19.1%) win Fulton No. 58 School District Board of Directors seats.
  • Steve Bruce (23.7%), Ken Theroff (22.4%) win Jefferson City School District Board of Directors seats.  John Ruth and Harold Coots both received 113 (17.94%) votes, while Tami Turner received 112 (17.78%) votes.
  • Debbie Cuno (29.9%), Craig Abbott (24.8%) and Gracia Backer (22.6%) win R-3 New Bloomfield School District Board of Directors seats.
  • Mark Lauglin (18.1%), Kit Glover (17.9%) and Brent Woods (14%) win South Callaway R-2 School District Board of Directors seats.
  • Regan Love (28.2%), Sandra Lavy (28.4%) and Mike Shryock (24.7%) win R-1 North Callaway School District Board of Directors seats.


9:17 p.m.: Cole County results are in and reporting at 100% of precincts.


  • Ken Theroff, John Ruth and Steve Bruce win Jefferson City School Board seats.
  • Glen Costales (537) narrowly edges Carrie Carroll (490) for Jefferson City Council 4th Ward seat.
  • Rodney Edwards, Mark Schroeder and Jamie Sullivan win Cole Co. R-1 (Russellville) School Board seats.
  • Matt Fifer, Peggy Luebbert and Tim Van Ronzelen win Blair Oaks R-2 School Board seats.
  • Nathan Lepper, Cindy Darnel and Jennifer Baur win Cole Co. R-5 (Eugene) School Board Seats.


9:11 p.m.: Camden County results are reporting at 100%.


  • Courtney Hulett (28.6%), Selynn Barbour (22.7%) and Jackie Schulte (22.2%) win Camdenton R-3 School Board seats.
  • Charles McElyea (34.9%) and Jeremy Rugen (22.6%) win Mid-County Fire Protection Board seats. John Page (31.1%) a narrow third.
  • A tax levy to provide more funding for Mid-County Fire Protection was narrowly passed at 51.8% for, 48.2% against.


9:04 p.m.: 32 of 47 precincts reporting in Boone County.


  • Ginny Chadwick is running away with the First Ward Council seat. Currently up with nearly 68% of the vote.
  • School Board election still close - Helen Wade leads with 32%, Jonathan Sessions just behind with 29.5%.
  • Boone County Fire Protection District issue looks headed for approval. Currently at 72% approval. 


8:55 p.m.: Cooper County results are in. 2,484 votes were cast out of 10,159 registered voters (24.45%).

  • Julie Thacher (57%) wins Boonville mayoral election over Morris Carter (42.6)
  • Jerry Greer (37.3%) and Ron Wineinger (32.2%) win State Fair Community College Board of Trustees election. 
  • Charlie Melkersman (29.9%), Richelle Adair Kluck (29.1%) and Dan Horst (23.5%) elected to Boonville R-1 Board of Directors.
  • Paul Zumsteg (24.5%), Gary Stone (18.6%) and Rosemary Brand (18.4%) elected to Otterville R-VI Board of Directors.


8:43 p.m.: 18 of the 47 (38%) Boone County precincts are now reporting.

  • Ginny Chadwick is out to a large lead early for the First Ward seat with 59% of the vote. Byndom second with 25%, Bill Easley with 16%.
  • Helen Wade narrowly leads school board president race with 32%. Jonathan Sessions is just behind at 30%. Cushing at 22%, Toepke at 16%.
  • Boone County Fire Protection District bond issue looks headed for approval. 75% approval so far.


8:32 p.m.: Randolph County says 100% of precincts are reporting. 2,515 ballots were cast of 15,566 registered voters (6.2%). Full results can be viewed here. Some of the closest votes:

  • Moberly Councilman race: Bob Riley wins with 54.8%, James Harlan second with 44.6%.
  • Randolph Co. sales tax increase to build new administrative building: 1,281 yes (51.5%), 1,208 no (48.5%).
  • Westran School Board - top three vote-getters receive seats. 1. Brent Harlan (28.8%) 2. Dean Minor (26.7%) 3. Michael Harvey (23%) 4. Desaray Wilhite (20.8%)
  • Moberly Special Road District Commissioner decided by 21 votes. David Ross has 562, Ted Sander has 541. Four write-ins.
  • Robert Ashworth likely to win Higbee mayor race with 53.2%. Wyatt Wilson runner-up with 46.8%.

8:18 p.m.: Montgomery County unofficial results are in, with 100% of precincts reporting. 929 ballots were cast of 8,213 registered voters (11.31%). Full results can be viewed here.

  • Public Water Supply District 1: George Heath, Jr. up with 48.7% of votes. Michael Hutcherson took 28.9%, with 22.5% going to write-ins.
  • Georgia Scarbrough up with 51% to Julia Flemings 47% for Middletown.

8:05 p.m.: Audrain County is reporting 100%. 1,280 ballots cast out of 13,777 registered voters (9.29%). Some of the larger races (Full results can be viewed here):

  • Community R-VI School District board members. Top three vote-getters elected to board. 1. Linda Gastler (29.4%) 2. Greg Fort (27.3%) 3. Andrew Fairchild (26.5%) 4. Glenn Jensen, Jr. (16.9%)
  • Mexico Public Schools No. 59. Top three vote-getters elected. 1. Brian Rowe (29.3%) 2. Patrick Maguire (27.9%) 3. Dustin Pascoe (25.3%) 4. Beverly MacFarlane (17.1%)
  • Laddonia Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors: Jerry Johnson wins with (32.1%).
  • Ralph Kuda, Jr. wins Vandalia mayoral election with 70%.

7:45 p.m.: Absentee votes are in from Boone County. 465 absentee ballots were cast (0.46% of eligible voters). Rolling results can be viewed here. Some of the early results from the larger races:

  • Helen Wade leads the race for Columbia School Board President early with 34%. Jonathan Sessions is second with 30%, Paul Cushing third with 21%, Joseph A. Toepke fourth with 16%.
  • The $50 million bond issue for Columbia Public Schools has early approval at 61%.
  • Ginny Chadwick leads the race for the First Ward City Council seat with 62%. 
  • The Boone County Fire Protection District bond issue has early approval at 78%.
  • The Hallsville Board of Education election is close early - Jon Bequette, Steve Koirtyohann and Christopher Dwyer all share 26.67% of vote so far. Shanda Nichols a close second at 20%.