Live Blog: Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes in Pettis County

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PETTIS COUNTY - The Pettis County Sheriff's Office confirmed an explosion of the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Friday morning.

The explosion happened around midnight north of Sedalia. Officials said the pipeline ruptured.

KOMU 8 News has sent two crews to the scene and will update you as more information becomes available in the live blog below.

Viewers started sending photos to KOMU 8 News around 1 a.m.



1:29 a.m. - Another viewer tweeted the fire could be seen from a significant distance.



1:35 a.m. - KOMU reporter Mihir Bhagat tweeted a video of the area near the explosion.



1:55 a.m. - KOMU 8 Reporter Mihir Bhagat spoke to a company spokesperson.





2:00 a.m. - Courtney Cole tweeted this is not the first time there has been an accident on this pipeline and linked to a report from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). In August 2008, the pipeline ruptured west of Pilot Grove in Cooper County and caused more than $ 1 million worth of damage. PHMSA said the cause was external corrosion.


2:37 a.m. - Sheri Austin sent KOMU 8 News this photo below of the flames:


2:54 a.m. - KOMU 8 Reporter Matt Evans tweeted that crews put a stop to the pipeline fire.



3:00 a.m. - KOMU 8 Reporter Brent Pearson tweeted a photo of the fire staging area. Reporters gathered at Northwest High School to get information from emergency officials.

3:15 a.m. - KOMU 8 Reporters spoke to Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond.

3:19 a.m. - KOMU 8 News viewer John Pahlow sent a link to video he shot of the pipeline explosion.


4:00 p.m. The fire burned for nearly six hours. Firefighters from ten different stations were called to the scene.