Live like Sherman

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COLUMBIA - Lifelong resident of Columbia, Sherman Brown Jr. passed away in 2016, but his friends and family are making sure his legacy of friendship, laughter, and love to all people lives on.

Friends created “Live Like Sherman,” a non-profit organization, to raise money to support a scholarship fund for one graduating senior of each Columbia Public School.

Live Like Sherman’s Facebook page said the Sherman Brown Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund will be awarded to a student that exemplifies “altruism, charisma, citizenship and responsibility.”

The first fundraiser for Sherman Jr.’s scholarship as a part of “Live Like Sherman,” was held today at Lindsey Rentals.

The fundraiser included a benefit luncheon and silent auction.

Melissa Murphy, one of the coordinators for the benefit luncheon, said the event was a fundraiser, but it felt more like a reunion of all the people he impacted.

Lindsey Rentals is where it all started.

Brown Jr. owned Lindsey Rentals, and his family said he worked every day for the people.

Brown’s son, Sherman Brown III said anybody who met his dad had the same consensus: he was a great man who touched a lot of people’s lives.

“He loved people,” Brown III said. “He loved giving people a chance where a lot of people didn't have one.”

Whitney Moore, one of Brown Jr.’s daughters said the amount of people that came to the event today shows her father’s impact on the community.

“He made every single person he talked to feel special,” Moore said. “He was everybody’s best friend.”

“It didn’t matter what you believe in, what color you are, how other people perceived you, he loved every single person he met,” Moore said.

Brown Jr.'s family said he was known for his one liners and making people feel good.

“He was crazy. He said crazy things, but it stuck with people,” Moore said.

Brown III said his father hired young men that other businesses might not be inclined to.

“A lot of people learned a lot of valuable lessons,” Brown III said. “My dad was the voice, mentor, teach, coach who gave people new ways to look at life.”

Moore said her father loved helping young people grow and that’s why they decided to create this scholarship.

“He believed in kids, this is an opportunity for Columbia kids to further their dreams,” Moore said.

Brown III said he learned everything from his dad and wants to pass along what he’s learned.

“He taught me that you never know what people are going through and you can be the voice to lift them up,” Brown III said.

Moore said moving forward she hopes people will remember to live like Sherman.

“In this day and age if people could remember to love one another, like Sherman, we’d be in a good place,” Moore said.

“He is very much alive today,” Brown III said. “He’s gone, but he’s here and it’s just nothing but love.”