Live: Olten Plea

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Cole County judge accepts Alyssa Bustamante's guilty plea of second degree murder and armed criminal action Tuesday morning. 

Bustamante is accused of killing 9-year old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten in October 2009. 

In court Tuesday, Bustamante said, "I strangled her and stabbed her in the chest." The judge asked Bustamante if she slit Olten's throat and Bustamante responded, "Yes."

Sentencing is set for Feb. 6 and 7. The state will have six witnesses and the defense will have one witness testifying on Bustamante's mental health. 

Cole County prosecutor, Mark Richardson will not speak until sentencing. 

Bustamante's grandmother, Karon Brooke attended the hearing. She had custody of Bustamante since she was 7-years old.