Live streaming concerts now in Columbia

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COLUMBIA -Anyone wanting to listen to live music can now skip the crowds and door lines. The Bridge, a music venue downtown, has introduced live streaming to its performances. 

"That's the way the world is moving, people want to do everything from their couch and on their computers," said owner of The Bridge, Wes Wingate.

Wingate said streaming started in mid-November and currently streams every night as long as the artist or act is ok with it.

Wingate wanted The Bridge to be the first in town to live stream. "I expect everyone will start doing it, because it's really not that difficult," he said. 

The Bridge has already seen success with the live stream. Around 450 viewers have tuned into the stream, double the venue's capacity. 

Currently The Bridge has one tiny Go-Pro camera that gives one wide angle of the stage but Wingate hopes to expand and get more angles.

Megan Schuster is an avid music live stream listener and uses the feeds to see concerts she wouldn't be able to.

"I don't know when I would get the chance to see them live would be," Schuster said. 

"It's limitless geographically speaking," said Wingate. "You could see it in Germany." 

Wingate said the live stream serves everyone involved. 

"It's two fold, it's benefiting the artist and also giving us some more exposure," Wingate said. 

Schuster said she is excited for the opportunities live streaming brings to Columbia. 

"I know there are some sold out shows that I would love to go to, so if I could live stream them that would be really cool," Schuster said. 

While the live stream is in the initial stages it is free to click on. In the future Wingate said he hopes to see it transformed into even more.

"We feel like in the future it will be another source of revenue for our acts traveling through," Wingate said. "I'm really excited for the possibilities and exposure it will provide us nationally."