Living Windows Festival Brings Crowds to New Business

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COLUMBIA - The Blanc Studio stuck with what it does best when it came to creating a display for the Living Windows Festival Friday night in The District.  The hair studio created drastic styles for the Nutcracker display in its front windows.  It even created the Mouse King's ears out of hair.  

"We thought it was a great opportunity for us to do something with the community and a way for people to find out about our great salon that we just opened," part owner Pablo Arajuo said.

The studio was one of 26 businesses and churches that took part in the festival that works to highlight the downtown area.  People crowded around windows and tables, admiring the classic holiday displays along with the not so traditional acts such as a "Hipster Holiday" at Poppy.  

For the new Blanc Studio, the festival was a great way to plug into downtown.  Opening the studio in early November, co-owners and husband and wife team Pablo and Victoria Arajuo took advantage of the festival to try and create some holiday buzz.  They even had a live ballerina in the window, dancing for onlookers.

"Getting involved with this event, gives us that opportunity to do something different and not just be a hair salon," Pablo Arajuo said.  

The festival kicked off extended holiday hours for many of the businesses in The District.  With Christmas music in the air and cooler temperatures finally moving into Mid-Missouri, the displays created a holiday atmosphere that businesses hope will get visitors in the shopping spirit.  

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