Loaded Gun Found in State Capitol is House Staffer's

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JEFFERSON CITY - Capitol Police released a police report Monday regarding a loaded hand gun found in a bathroom stall at the state capitol.

At 10:10 Friday morning, Sergeant Brian Quick responded to the call from Greg Sandbothe, the House of Representatives Operations Specialist regarding the gun. Sandbothe said he made sure nobody went into the restroom while he made the report to Sergeant Quick.

According to the report, the gun was in its holster on top of the toilet paper dispenser. It was a 9-millimeter pistol loaded with hollow point rounds.

The report says House Staffer David Evans owns the gun. It is legal for staffers to have a loaded gun on them in the capitol. Evans has no criminal history or outstanding warrants. Sergeant Quick checked Evans' conceal carry permit and Evans described the weapon thoroughly before getting it back.