Local addiction center helps road to recovery during COVID-19

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BOONVILLE - The road to recovery from addiction can be hard. Now COVID-19 is bringing more challenges to those fighting to get on the right track. 

Valley Hope, an addiction and recovery treatment center in Boonville, is now offering outpatient treatment options on zoom. 

Allison Drinkard, Alumni Coordinator for Valley Hope, said this time during COVID-19 has the potential to be very challenging for those in recovery.

“Isolation and boredom is a really a big trigger for the recovering community,” she said.

But the ease of technology is giving addicts a new platform to help them recover.

“We use zoom and it's amazing, it's a great way to stay connected during this time,” Drinkard said.

A former patient, PJ, said in his testimony on valleyhope.org that his time their changed his life.

“When I came to Valley Hope, I was pretty lost and broken,” PJ said. "Since Valley Hope, I have found a new life."

Drinkard said it is important for Valley Hope to have resources for everyone.

"Without these meetings, they would be in pure isolation without anybody," she said. "It will be a struggle, but through these times together we will get through it.”

To find out how you or a loved one can get help for addiction, go to valleyhope.org.