Local auction keeps items from going to landfill

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COLUMBIA - A local auction will keep more than 1,000 items from being sent to landfills.

Black and Gold Auctions held a "Consignment Auction" on Tuesday.

The auction consisted of more than 1,000 antiques, household items, children's toys and more.

The price of items run up to several hundred dollars.

Black and Gold Auctions Owner Chuck Price said the auction gives people an outlet for items they no longer need.

"We are the original recyclers," Price said. "If you've got something you don't need anymore, you don't want, don't have room for, you're moving, we can recycle it and find a new owner for it."

Price said this outlet is beneficial for the community because it may be the only alternative for most items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

"It certainly beats taking it to the landfill," Price said. "It gives people an outlet for when they have merchandise they no longer need. If we were to take this kind of volume to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, they couldn't handle it."

Price said he drives anywhere in mid-Missouri to pick up items that people are willing to auction off.

He takes commission on the items when they are sold at the auction and a portion of it goes back to the original owner.

He said this is also beneficial for community members who participate in the auction because instead of trashing an item, you receive money for it.

"This gives us an outlet," Price said. "And at the same time, gives you a return for what you've got. Gets you some money for it."

Price said every item is sold by the end of every auction.

For more information on future auctions, visit Black and Gold Auctions' website.