Local businesses anticipate Trump\'s tax reform plan

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COLUMBIA - Sam Afzal works at a new convenience store called Stop & Shop in downtown Columbia. 

The store manager said business is not off to a good start because it has only been open for three weeks. 

"It's kind of like slow right now because we just opened the shop, and people just come in and out," Afzal said. "Most people don't know about this shop though." 

Afzal said he hopes President Trump's tax reform campaign works effectively. He said if the campaign goes into effect, the tax decrease will generate more customers.

"This will be like a really good thing," Afzal said. "He's trying to cut down the taxes; it will be really good for the businesses."

On Wednesday, the President spoke out about economic growth and lowering taxes for middle class families and small businesses in Springfield. 

Trump said it will bring more revenue to businesses and give more people jobs. 

Barbershop owner Lorenzo Shepard has been a barber since he was a teenager. He's owned his own shop, Pro Kutz, for more than three years. 

Shepard said the President has a good plan, but he's not sure if his ideas will succed.

"I'm hoping that the plan he's putting out will work for the small businesses here and especially for Columbia," Shepard said. "But at the same time I'm just skeptical of just trusting his whole well-being of saying that this tax reduction is going to work."

Shepard said it will be good for the community and he hopes it happens.

"It will benefit us so much because it's a business," Shepard said. "Women and men and children will be able to get their kids' hair cut because we will have more money that will benefit everybody."