Local businesses set up for annual Living Windows celebration

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COLUMBIA - The holiday season is in full display in Columbia once again.

Businesses in The District started to put up their holiday displays to celebrate the annual Living Windows Festival.

These displays can be found on Broadway, 9th Street, 10th Street, Walnut, Cherry, and Alley A.

In addition to promoting their businesses, owners, employees, and their loved ones are able to show a more creative side these people may not be able to otherwise show the rest of the year.

"Our store is named after our chicken Gidget, so we have a Snoopy doghouse, and Gidget's going to be on top of that representing Woodstock," Gidget's Garage owner Kim Baer said. 

Yellow Dog Bookshop will also be having a Peanuts display; Charles Schulz's beloved Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas celebrates its 50th anniversary later this month.

Some businesses improvised, using their displays to promote items their businesses were selling.

"Last year, we just had some employees in the window. We had a couple of ukuleles that we used to sell. So we had them play the ukuleles in the window and throwing snowballs - fake snowballs - and we had fake snow in the window," Alpine Shop store manager Liza Babington said. 

Live music was also a prominent part of the plan among a few of the businesses. Slackers CDs & Games planned to have a guitarist with a heavy metal-themed Christmas display while Blanc Studio planned to have a pianist play Christmas music in its display.

The festival was scheduled Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Here is a list of the locations and businesses that will be participating in the festivities:

  • 9th Street
    • Makes Scents
    • Bluestem
    • Yellow Dog Bookshop
    • Muse Clothing
    • Craft Beer Cellar
    • Woody's Clothiers
    • United Methodist Church
  • Alley A (off 9th Street)
    • Gidget's Garage
  • 10th Street
    • CAT TV
    • First Christian Church
  • Broadway
    • Alpine Shop
    • Slackers CD's & Games
    • Poppy
    • Blanc Studios
    • Elly's Couture
    • Maude V.
    • Tallulahs
    • Rally House
    • Landmark Bank
    • My Secret Garden
    • Binghams
    • Commerce Bank
    • Calhoun's
    • Swank
    • Absolute Vintage
    • Kent's Floral
    • Glik's
  • Walnut
    • Artlandish
  • Cherry
    • The Candy Factory