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COLUMBIA - Christmas is just around the corner and it looks like The Salvation Army met its goal to make every child's Christmas wish come true.

Last week The Salvation Army of Columbia and Jefferson City was short on gifts because of miscommunication. Major Beth Trimmell, the Director of Special Services relied heavily on the community to meet this year's goal. 

And the community responded, donating enough that the organization could give each child a gift.

The organization also received monetary donations which has never happened in the history of the Christmas drive. 

"We want to make sure that their Christmas is special", said Trimmell.

Some Salvation Army locations set up a toy shop for parents to choose gifts for their child, but Trimmell refers to the child's wish list to ensure they receive exactly what they ask for.

She said, "It's more labor intensive, but it's worth it."

In some instances the organization is not able to meet their wishes, but she improvises.

For example, three girls this year wanted a live butterfly garden, but nobody donated the gift. So Trimmell happily donated her own finches. She said based off of the gift they wanted and by speaking to their parents, she knows they will enjoy their gift. 

Gift pick-up for the gift drive began Thursday morning through Friday afternoon.