Local church burns away negative thoughts for New years resolution

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COLUMBIA - A local group is letting go of the past to lead to a hopeful new year.

Unity Center of Columbia Church held a celebration this morning called the 'burning bowl ceremony.'

The event had a fire lit inside of a bowl where members and visitors dropped pieces of paper. On the papers, members wrote notes about cases and situations they want to let go of from this past year. The second part of the event was writing an uplifting note to your old self.

The letter will be mailed to church members next November to see what changes they've made to reflect.

Organizers said the main purpose is to let go of things you don’t want to keep into your life, or don’t bring into the New Year. Organizers said it a celebration of the past.

Reverend Lauri Boyd said not letting go of negative energy would hold you back from reaching future endeavors.

“Take a moment and very intentionally think about what’s holding you back, stories that you’ve carried maybe about being unworthy or you not being smart enough or not being good enough and really questioning those stories and saying no we can just let this story go. It can also be a time for forgiveness, letting go of past hurts, saying 'I just don’t want to carry that energy of anger anymore,'” said Boyd.

Boyd also said time is something we should acknowledge and celebrate.

“We mark and acknowledge things that change. As humans we can acknowledge time. With time we get to experience chance; we consider change a gift. If things didn’t change we would never learn a new skill, read a new book, hear a new song, we’d never make a new friend. We get to experience our grandchildren bring born. Because things change we get to release things. We get to release old pain. We get to release old stories that don’t serve us," Boyd said.

Members said they were able to take away many thoughts.

“It gave me a change to reflect, like this didn’t work out so well. I’m just ready to face this and then release it out,” said church member Cindy Bassett.

One member, Marian Minor, said she has been coming to the burning bowl event for 10 years.

“Thoughts or feelings that you are ready to let go of and give up, and make room for your new ideas, new ways, and new thoughts of the year. It's kind of like you need to get rid of some old stuff before you can add some new. That’s really what the burning bowl means to me,” said Minor, “Just a way to open up your heart and make room for new positive ways.”

Boyd and members of the church also had their own moments that need to be changed.

“This crazy belief that if 'I could just be perfect everyone would love me', and I laugh at myself because I know that’s not true. Nobodies perfect and people are going to love me and not love me and it makes no difference what I do,” said Boyd.

“I don’t have time. And I know that it’s true that I have 24 hours just like everyone else but I think the truth of that is I do have time, I have time for all the things that I want in my life. I chose how I use my time. It’s not that I don’t have the time it’s that I am choosing my priorities and I’m choosing what I want to do,” said Basset.

“Old stories and old ideas about how I was…” Minor said.

The next event will be next Sunday called the 'white stone ceremony.' The ceremony will represent bringing something new into your life and the New Year.