Local Church Helps Sister Church in Oklahoma

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JEFFERSON CITY - Concord Baptist Church members in Jefferson City spent Wednesday collecting supplies to send to Moore, Oklahoma.

The church put out a call last week for donations to assist their sister church, First Southern Baptist Church of Del City.  That church is just two miles from the tornado that went through Moore.

Executive Pastor of Concord Baptist Church, Peter Livingston, said the church is eager to step up and respond. "Several years ago when the tornadoes went through Joplin, we were not as quick to respond and we ended up having some pent up desire to really help people and didn't have an avenue." Livingston said. "This time we decided here at Concord Baptist Church that we were going to get prepared to help."

Coca-Cola donated a truck and a driver to transport the donations to Oklahoma.  Hyvee also donated materials to make sure the truck leaves with a full load.

"It looks like we are going to be almost full with just the donations from all the people," Livingston said. "The list of things we have is what they said, 'This is what we need right now."

Items included bottled water, formula, baby bottles, diapers, rakes, and work gloves. Volunteers packed hygiene kits with shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, razors, and other sanitary supplies.

"I think we've provided an avenue for people who want to do something, but you know that's 400 miles away, how do I really help?" Livingston said. "Many just want to give something tangable, and we've given them the avenue to do that. It's been a community-wide thing."

First Southern Baptist Church of Del City was in the path of a tornado in 1999, but was not damaged in the recent tornado.

Mid-Missourians can drop off cash at Concord Baptist Church until Friday. Or they can visit MOBaptist.org to donate.