Local farmers welcome rainfall

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COLUMBIA - Farmer Jim Thies said Thursday the recent rainfall could help him out of a rut.

According to The Weather Channel, July was exceptionally dry for Mid-Missouri. Columbia received 1.9 inches of rain in July, compared with an average of 4.37 inches usually seen this time of year.

Thies said these dry conditions have been a hardship for many farmers.

"Luckily we installed a well this year so we haven't been hit quite as hard," he said.

According to Thies, sweet corn and other vegetables on his farm have still been in low supply this year because of dry conditions, despite his extra source of water from the well.

Thies said his farm had received about 3.75 inches of rain as of Thursday afternoon.

"Every bit of it is going to be used," Thies said. "We anticipated that the rain was coming and got a lot of planting in yesterday. I think this rain puts us in pretty good shape."