Local game developers get chance to showcase work

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COLUMBIA – Gaming enthusiasts of all kinds can meet Tuesday to play, give and receive feedback from local gaming developers.

On Tuesday, REDI’s Innovation Hub will host a Local Indie Game Testing night. The event is free and open to the public.

At the event, participants can play and try to “break” four games designed by local developers, as well as play other games programmed locally.

Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Collin Bunch, said it’s better to have different perspectives on a game rather than feedback from a friend or colleague.

“It’s like when you check in on math homework, you can make the same mistakes or play the same way,” he said. “People will play it a different way or try to cheat, find loop holes, find things that aren’t clear or where they don’t pick up the rules and play it well.”

Since its first “Game Jam” in January 2017, Bunch said more than 50 games were created and multiple companies have been formed.

“We realized we just had to kind of coalesce this community,” he said. “A lot of our people are first-time game creators that have always loved and played them but never thought about making one until they got in the right environment.”

Bunch said players are just as important as developers. He said they need people that are passionate about tabletop and video games that understand playing a board game and giving feedback.

The event is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at REDI’s Innovation Hub, 500 E. Walnut, Suite 105.

Bunch said developers at any stage in their game can come out and be open to advice.

“You have to get feedback, it’s never going to be great sitting in your basement,” he said. “When you bring in a lot of other resources or knowledge and just support, people would tell me, ‘I didn’t know the city cared about games and stuff.’”