Local Girl Scouts learn business skills for national cookie weekend

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COLUMBIA - Who can resist a table filled with popular treats sold by young girls eager to make their goals possible?

"Hi would you like to buy some Girl Scouts Cookies? Thank you for supporting Girls Scouts."

These words could be heard as customers entered Schnucks grocery store on Saturday morning.

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland participated in National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Emma Rodriguez, a brownie girl scout, enjoys every aspect of being a troop member.

"I like being a Girl Scout because we learn a lot of things and we get badges. What I mostly like about it is selling cookies," Emma said.

Becky Rodriguez, the troop leader, said National Girl Scout Weekend is when scouts start selling their cookies at booths. She also said the girls learn valuable life skills from these fundraising activities.

"It encourages them to be more outspoken and outgoing. To gain leadership and business skills, and entrepreneurial skills. So, they can have the confidence to go out as they grow to be business leaders and grow in any field that they choose," Rodriguez said.

The troop members took tally of all the boxes they sold. Thin Mints, Caramel DeLights, and Lemonades were their top sellers.

Emma said she loves selling cookies.

"You get to ask people if they want some [cookies] and they would say yes or no. I really like when they say yes or no because I like to meet people a lot," she said.

Rodriguez said there are nine girls in her troop, and the troop determines their cookie selling goal.

"Our troop has decided that their initial goals is to sell 170 boxes per girl and that would basically cover the cost for their next year's membership," Rodriguez said.

The troop will have a booth next weekend for the True False Film Festival in front of Ernie's Cafe & Steakhouse.