Local group protests pipeline outside Bank of America

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COLUMBIA — A mid-Missouri group voiced their concerns over the Dakota Access pipelines outside the Bank of America Saturday because of the bank's involvement in the project.

A handful of members of the Protectors of Water and Land were standing outside the Bank of America in downtown Columbia with one member saying the Bank of America has contributed $350 million to the pipeline project.

This comes after President Trump signed executive orders to advance the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. 

Laura Wacker said the pipeline wouldn't even benefit the U.S. because the oil would go to foreign countries.

"It's not in anyway in our best interest to have it and it's a threat to the water, and Missouri River, it crosses the river two times and we want our banks to know that we will take our money out of banks that invest in dirty oil," Wacker said.

Supporters of the pipeline said it will create more jobs and reduce energy costs.