Local group urges city officals to sign pledge for change

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COLUMBIA - A local group feels the time for change begins now, as they held a press conference at city hall on Monday.  

Missouri Faith Voices of Columbia outlined its 2019 moral agenda.

Molly Gordon, reverend for Universalist Unitarian Church Columbia, says members have come together to list problems impacting the community. 

"We call upon the City of Columbia to adhere to this moral agenda and to work alongside us to make sure all Columbia families have what they need to thrive," Gordon said.

The group outlined five issues they feel needs to be addressed, and they plan to look to city officials to help make a change.

The group's concerns are housing justice, transit, immigrant justice and sanctuary network, education and the justice system.

Ian Thomas, Ward 4 council member is in full support of the group's concerns.

"I have signed the agenda that I support every item and I will ask other council members to support those items," he said.

Mike Trapp, Ward 2 council member, feels the group's concerns are important but says other state agencies should be involved.

"The city often bears the brunt. The protests are held at the keyhole they're making this moral agenda in front of city council. But Boone County has a role, the state has a role and that moral agenda needs to incorporate all government stakeholders," Trapp said.

The group will also state their agenda at the city council meeting Monday evening.

The concerns' verbiage includes:

  • Housing Justice: We envision a community where all people have equitable access to safe comfortable, affordable housing.

  • Immigrant Justice and Sanctuary Network: We envision a community where neighbors, friends and family do not feat being detained, deported, or profiled relating to immigration.

  • Education: We envision a community where every child has access to a high quality, free, public education and hat all students and their families are welcomed, included, and protected in the school environment.

  • Justice System: We envision a community where every person is safe and free, where policing is dismantled because neighbors are supporting in addressing the root causes of violence and crime, and where punitive measures are replaced by restorative justice processes that take both harm and humanity.