Local Group wants to educate voters before Election Day

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COLUMBIA - People's Visioning will hold a mixer Thursday night in efforts to get community members to vote in the upcoming election.

The group will discuss electoral processes and the concerns and issues on the November 4 ballot. Officials said its goal is to connect people and move them forward. 

"People's visioning is getting together with the community, and we're having a getting to know you meal," director Monta Welch said. "We can get to know one another and our neighbors, bring the community together, and work on the problems that are facing us so that we don't have some of the problems that we're seeing in our communities around the nation."

Welch said she thinks people don't vote due to lack of confidence in their decisions and general knowledge about voting, but People's Visioning wants to eliminate those problems. 

"We're going to educate about voting and how being active in our system of governance is extremely important and very relevant to everything that's going on in our communities," said Welch.

The mixer is open to the public and People's Visioning has invited candidates and representatives to speak at the mixer. Other speakers will include local ministers, University of Missouri professors and local political candidates.

They event will be held at All People's International Ministries from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. They will also feature a section on "laying foundational steps" to bring together communities like Ferguson, MO.

"This is free and open to the public. We'd love anyone to come and join us. This is about all parts of our community coming together to discuss how we can move forward and build a better community together," Welch said.

The group commits itself to "community-building, racial, cultural, social, economic, and environmental justice concerns." It will be holding a second part of this event after the election on November 11 to discuss the results.