Local Kenyan Woman Reacts to Attack on Nairobi Mall

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COLUMBIA - Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta announced Tuesday that the bloody take-over of a mall by terrorists has ended.

The terrorist seige of the mall lasted four days. Kenyatta said Tuesday that 61 civilians and six security officers were killed, while 175 were injured.

People all across the world felt the pain of the attacks. Rose Obunaga coaches the volleyball team at Stephens College. Before she moved to Missouri for school and volleyball, she lived in Nairobi.

Obunaga is originally from the Western part of Kenya, but she lived in Nairobi for a few years before she moved to the U.S. Her sister and nephews are still in Nairobi.

"They are all safe," Obunaga said. "I am not shocked it happened in Nairobi. Terrorists target areas where a lot of people are. At that mall in Nairobi, there are a lot of tourists and people from the area."

Obunaga said people in the Nairobi area know that Saturday is a common day for shopping at the mall. She said she suspects that's why the attack happened then.

Obunaga said most of her family still lives in Kenya, but not in the city of Nairobi. She said her daughter moved to the U.S. for school recently, and she is glad her daughter is with her. Obunaga and her boyfriend, also from Kenya, said they are not positive if anyone they know was in the mall because the bodies of those killed have yet to be identified.