Local Landlords Host Annual Neighborhood Cleanup

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COLUMBIA - Rick and Shawna Neuner, the landlords behind Columbia Home Rental, are having their annual clean up the neighborhood event Saturday. 

Shawna got the idea behind the event when she was at a 4-H fundraiser last year.  

"One of the 4-H clubs was auctioning their time, their labor, to do some light landscaping type of projects," Neuner said.  "And so we were bidding for that."

The properties that Shawna and Rick lease were in need of some repair, so the event was a way to clean up the properties and help raise money for the 4-H club at the same time. 

""That's what we've been trying to do with them, is trying to do some upgrades and a few repairs that were needed here and there to try and bring the quality up of the homes," Neuner said.

Neuner and her husband are also trying to bring the community together with this event. 

"I just want the neighborhood to have the opportunity to continue to grow," she said. 

Neuner said they have been trying to keep the neighborhood a safe one and hope to build that attitude with the neighbors. 

"I feel like, if we take the opportunity to let our little pocket, our personal community build our relationships with each other," Neuner said. "It helps us to keep that violence from hitting our pocket."

Neuner's husband Rick had the same sentiments about what the event has been able to do. 

"I see that the neighbors are talking to each other, they're walking, they're visiting, they know each other now," Rick said. "They look out for each other's houses and properties, and it's been a great community event to get everyone together."

This year, Neuner has gotten a lot of local businesses to sponsor the event.  She said they will be at the barbecue to network with everyone participating and some of them have even donated to the 4-H club. 

The clean up the neighborhood event is Saturday.  There will be a barbecue lunch provided, and people are encouraged to donate to the 4-H club that will be at the event.