Local Library Goes Online

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COLUMBIA - Since increasing promotion of its online services, The Daniel Boone Regional Library has seen more than three times the applications for library cards.

Library director Melissa Carr said the library's Digital Branch had more than 63,000 visits last month.

"2,200 people visit our Digital Branch per day. This building sees an average of 1,900 people per day. So, we actually get more visits to our Digital Branch than walk into the Columbia Public Library," Carr said.

The library's Digital Branch has been steadily growing since its creation three years ago.

Library staff made the decision to feature the Digital Branch on the cover of their July newsletter, hoping to reach out to an a broader audience.

When creating the Digital Branch, library staff tried to make the content as close possible to what you would find in a visit to the library's facilities.

Coordinator Lauren Williams said the process creating it has been gradual.

"A website is really about a destination, and the Digital Branch is a destination," Williams said.
Carr said the online program makes services available for library users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Some people like to come into the building, some people like to use it from the comfort of their own home or their office, and so it's providing library services where people are," Carr said.

"It's a very valuable part of our resources," Carr said. It's something we're really proud of."

All of the services offered online are free. All that's needed is a library card, which can be applied for on the website.

Digital Branch services include checking out eBooks, reading articles from newspapers and magazines, homework help for students, language classes, preparation for tests including the ACT and GRE and blogs on various topics.