LOCAL LOOKOUT: Teachers celebrate their high school seniors

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COLUMBIA - Hickman High School teachers put signs on the front yards of seniors Monday to celebrate their high school achievements.

After the cancellation of in-person graduations and other senior activities, teachers wanted to let students know they are still being celebrated.

The goal was to give each graduating student a sign, and with Hickman's graduating class of over 360 students, around 60 teachers met at the school to pick up signs for the seniors. Each teacher took several and went to different houses. 

Hickman High School's Dean, Atah Knighten, said this is a way to make seniors feel appreciated.

"Today we're just letting our seniors know that we're thinking about them,"  Knighten said. "We want them to come outside and put some smile on their face."

Tony Gragnani, Hickman High School Principal, said the idea originally came from Battle High School, but he thinks it's a great way for all the high schools to recognize their seniors.

"We wanted to do something to let them know we still want to celebrate them and appreciate them," he said.

Now, every high school senior in Columbia Public Schools will be receiving a sign, with each school's signs being delivered on different days.

Hickman High School is also planning to celebrate their students next week with a "seniors week." They are currently discussing the different activities that will take place.