Local man raising money for Iraq relief efforts

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FULTON - A local Iraqi man trying to raise money for his home country requests your help.

Abdullah Al-Hadeethi, a recent graduate and current Intercultural Engagement Fellow of Westminster College, moved from Iraq to the United States by himself in 2010, leaving behind his entire family.

With the current situation in Iraq, many of his family living in Baghdad have been displaced and in danger.

"Some other family members were affected by the current situation that is happening and they had to flee their homes and flee the country," Al-Hadeethi said. "I do what I can here to help and I feel the responsibility, also, to give back to my country." 

Al-Hadeethi started raising money to help the relief effort in the Middle East on August 18 by writing a letter to Westminster College asking for people's prayers and donations. Since then, he has almost reached his goal of 1,000 dollars. However, he says that is not enough.

"Just helping someone, somewhere in the world is what we need to be doing," Al-Hadeethi said. "If you can do that on your own, I'm encouraging the community I live in, churches, mosques, schools. There is always someone affected in the world."

To help donate to the relief effort in Iraq, visit supportUNICEF.org.