Local marina reminds people safety is key when having fun

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OSAGE BEACH - Glencove Marina is reminding residents and visitors that safety is key when trying to have fun.

Glencove salesman Steve Lemens said he's been running his marina for awhile and that fatalities and injuries come every so often. When they do, they often involve injuries, including scrapes and falls and more serious, including drownings and damages to boats.

"I think, even old boaters need to take a public boating safety course so they can understand the rules and regulations and safety issues on the lake. You take someone like myself, who's been boating for 30 plus years, I'm still learning. Old dogs can still learn new tricks," Lemens said.

Lemens said many people will come and say they know what they're doing and get on the waters and cause problems. He said making sure one is aware of his or her surroundings and young children is important.

Things to look out for he said are dehydration and making sure people are getting plenty of fluids and the speed of the boat, as people have been getting fines for causing huge waves.

Boater John Grinaget said he thinks boating is a great activity.

"Boating is as safe as the people who are practicing safety. If you're an unsafe boater, it can be dangerous. Follow the rules and get some education, and it's a fabulous family activity," said Grinaget.

Lemens said anyone that comes down to the Lake of the Ozarks can stop by the sales office and ask any questions they have.