Local Organizations Focus on Parents

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COLUMBIA - A group calling itself "Columbia Cares for Kids" kicked off an event called the "Week of the Parenting Journey" on Monday.  Executive Director of Central Missouri Community Action, Darin Preis, said the goal of the week's events is to make parents reflective on how they parent and give them new ideas. 

Columbia Cares for Kids is a collection of 17 social service and educational organizations.  It also hosted this event last January.  Preis said the week was very successful before, with hundreds of people coming out to attend lectures and seminars for parents, teacher and child care providers.  Preis said the organziation received such great feedback that it decided to host to host the event again this fall.

The current state of the economy makes this week extra important, said Preis.

"As people are struggling with their jobs, maybe they're losing some income, maybe they've lost their job, lost some income in their household. We're seeing what happens to kids when that happens because the stress goes up, frustration goes up. We're seeing more child abuse and neglect, we're seeing more violence in the homes."

Mayor Bob McDavid read a formal proclamation to kick off the event on Monday morning.  

In the proclaimation he said, "Parenting is one of the most challenging and important things ever done."

The proclamation also said the events this week will lay framework to provide the community with the stepping stones needed to move forward in bringing the importance of the parenting journey to the forefront of people's agendas.

The group of people who attend these events is very diverse, said Preis.  

McDavid said his parents were from the depression generation and their American dream was to make sure he lived a better life than they did.  He said this week reinforces that goal for the Columbia community.

"And that's a dream, that's the American dream. And that's a dream that we have to make sure we continue to propagate. We have to make sure that our children have a better life than we did. And that's what this investment is all about."