Local Quartet Holds Fundraiser for Competition

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COLUMBIA - A locally award winning A Capella quartet hosted a dinner show and fundraiser at Jack's Gourmet Restaurant in Columbia on Saturday. The goal was to raise money for an international competition in Hawaii.

Dressed in their sequin competition attire, members of the Vivid Image Quartet sung their full competition set and a few other pieces. The group won first place at their regional quartet competition in Springfield, Ill. With the win, the quartet qualified to compete in Sweet Adeline's International Quartet Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Vivid Image member Jackie Kreigh said the group has been working to qualify for this competition for a long time. While it was not an easy journey qualifying it, Kreigh says it was a rewarding accomplishment.

Kreigh has been a part of Sweet Adeline for 20 years. She says it's the music that keeps her singing.

"When you sing, you know, the four cords with four people, you get them aligned properly and you actually generate what's called an overtone, which is a fifth note that no one is singing. 
And every time we do that I get goosebumps all up and down," Kreigh said. 

Several other local entertainers performed and Melo-Edge, a former Sweet Adeline's International Champion Quartet. 

Vivid Image will host another fundraiser before heading off for Hawaii at Maggie O'Brien's in St. Louis on September 7. The Sweet Adeline International Competition begins November 4.