Local Restaurant Sends Supplies to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

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COLUMBIA - Local Pickleman's locations collected supplies from members of the Columbia community for Oklahoma's tornado victims. Workers at Parkade Plaza will be packing up and sending off everything from rakes and shovels to socks and underwear.

Water bottles, tools for cleanup and bathroom supplies are also being sent.

Shelby Nace, a Pickleman's employee, said the Columbia community has been very supportive and a lot of supplies were collected.

"We've had a really big influx of people bringing stuff in. We had to empty out the box almost every day," said Nace.

Pickleman's isn't the only company reaching out. Nike has recently donated one million dollars worth of its products to tornado victims.

Both government agencies and non-profit organizations have been working together to help Oklahoma.

According to the Red Cross, it has collected over $26 million for May tornado victims and relief efforts will be going on for months to come.