Local school district finds advantages using iPads

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MOKANE- The average day in Mrs. Mattingly's 2nd grade classroom includes reading, math, and science presentations -- completely created and presented on iPads.

The South Callaway R-2 School District invested in iPads for every child in their district from kindergarten to 12th grade.

"We just had a superintended that felt really strongly about integrating technology into the classroom, and having it for the kids from kindergarten all the way up so that they would be prepared for the world," 2nd grade teacher Leah Mattingly said.

This district was the first in the area to invest in one-to-one iPads for every student. Their transition to using this technology everyday has not been easy though.

"Being kind of pioneers in this area of every kid having one to one ratio of iPads it was a challenge, but we are finding that there are a lot of resources. Our kids have the whole world open to them as opposed to just our library to go to everyday," Mattingly said.

Mattingly said her main goal is focused toward finding ways to integrate the technology into everyday learning.

"We want to make this meaningful and authentic, and not just separate - this is game time. We want to integrate into our curriculum and make it worth while for our children," Mattingly said.

Experts say having children use technology daily at such a young age can be successful, but teachers have to be given time to learn proper techniques for teaching with these tools. 

"Whether it's a child care center or a second grade class, if the teachers haven't had time to play, then they aren't going to be able to happily introduce technology to their kids and figure out the best way to use it in their classroom," Daniel Boone Regional Library Children's Services Manager Sarah Howard said.

Mattingly hopes as more schools begin to use this technology daily, more resources will become available, especially for younger children.